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    Genre : Slice Of Life


    Kazamatsuri Shou's dream has always been to become a professional soccer player, but he has one problem: he's not very good at the game. He was accepted to the prestigious Musashi no Mori Junior High, known for its top rate soccer team, but he was never able to rise beyond the rank of third stringer. After transferring to Sakura Jousui Junior High, he can finally play soccer. And, with the support of his new friends and teammates, his strong determination, and lots of hard work, his soccer skill(more)

    White Album

    White Album
    Tōya Fuji, a college student is dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. There are numerous challenges to the couple's relationship from the other people at Fuji's college, Morikawa's work, and elsewhere. Alternative Titles: - W.A. - Japanese: ホワイトアルバム Related Anime: Sequel: White Album 2nd Season Airing Date: Jan 03, 2009  (more)

    Wind: A Breath of Heart

    Wind: A Breath of Heart
    Based on a game by minori. Okano Makoto transferred to the school in his home town. There, he spent normal but happy school days with his sister, Hinata, a jokey classmate, Tachibana Tsutomu, Shikouin Kasumi, Tsutomu`s childhood friend, and other friends. One day, after school, Makoto heard someone playing the harmonica. That melody made him feel something old, and it brought him to the roof of the school buildings. There, he met a girl in the dusk. It was Narukaze Minamo who turned her face to(more)

    Windy Tales

    Windy Tales
    Nao was a second grade student of junior high school. She was the leader of Digital Camera Club, but there were only two members. Somehow, she only took pictures of skies and cloud. One day, she went to the roof of the school buildings as usual; this was her favorite place to take picture. There, she found a cat that could handle the wind to fly. Nao was surprised and she missed her footing from the roof. Miki; she is the best friend of Nao as well as the only other member of Digital Camera Clu(more)

    Winter Garden

    Winter Garden
    Dejiko and Puchiko are ten years older and living together in a small apartment. Dejiko (now twenty years old) works full-time at a cake shop and Puchiko (now fifteen years old) goes to school. Their slow, mundane lives are enhanced when Dejiko meets a boy at work and begins to pursue him. Alternative Titles: ウィンターガーデン (Japanese) 冬季花園 (Chinese (Taiwan)) Di Gi Charat  Winter Garden Airing Date: Dec 22, 2006(more)

    Winter Sonata

    Winter Sonata
    Yu-Jin falls in love with Joon-sang as a schoolgirl and after losing him in an accident decides to marry her childhood friend, Sang-hyuk but just as they are to announce their engagement.. Min-hyung arrives in Seoul and looking exactly like her lost love Yu-Jin is in a bind. Alternative Titles: Fuyu no Sonata (Japanese) 冬のソナタ (Japanese) 겨울연가 (Korean) Airing Date: Oct 17, 2009(more)


    The story is set in a family restaurant named Wagnaria in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. S?ta works part-time among the restaurant's high-spirited, mysterious, yet cool staffers. Alternative Titles: Working!! ワーキング!! (Japanese) Working!!' (2011) Airing Date: Mar 06, 2010(more)

    World of Narue

    World of Narue
    Iizuka Kazuto is a 14 year old boy who meets a somewhat weird but cute and charming girl named Narue Nanase who claims she is an Alien. The show is about the trials and tribulations of the young couple as they get to know each other. (Source: ANN) Alternative Titles: - Narue no Sekai - Narue's World - The World of Narue -成恵の世界(Japanese) Airing Date: Apr 05, 2003(more)

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
    Takano Kyohei, Oda Takenaga, Toyama, Yukinojo, and Morii Ranmaru are going to rent a house to go to school for free on condition that they make the girl of the house a "lady". However, Nakahara Sunako, the girl living there is gloomy, weird, and horror movie maniac. She has a trauma that she was said ugly by the boy whom she loved when she was in junior high school. She doesn't like beautiful things, and she gets a nosebleed when she looks something beautiful. (Source: AnimeNFO) [Note: There (more)

    Yes! Precure 5

    Yes! Precure 5
    A direct continuation of the former season, this series again follows the story of Nozomi Yumehara and her friends from Precure 5. The girls who had formerly lost their powers and bade farewell to their friends Coco and Nuts from Palmier Kingdom are resurrected as Pretty Cure by the mysterious woman Flora who also wants them to find her in a place called Cure Rosegarden. To go there, they need the magic Rose Pact and the powers of the four kings of countries surrounding Palmier. But a dark organ(more)
    Fake Food Japan